Being a competent manufacturer of metal mesh, at Shanghai Shenheng Wire Mesh Co., Ltd., you can get a fully integrated solution for industrial products.

We primarily manufacture perforated metal mesh, expanded metal mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, fence, decorative metal mesh, welded wire mesh, steel grating, etc.

In terms of production and quality control, we strictly comply with the ISO standard to ensure a fine and accurate product for your industrial and commercial needs.

Perforated Metal Mesh

Perforated metal sheets, also known as a perforated screen or perforated metal, are made up of coils of stainless steel, aluminum, or mild steel.

That has been uniformly or mechanically stamped or punched using laser cutting or CNC technology to create a variety of holes, shapes, or configurations.

Galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, brass, Monel, steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, plastic, etc. are materials used to produce perforated metal mesh.

These metals have different designs, due to the use of various molds, and are commonly used in industrial applications and decoration, screens, ventilation, etc.

mesh aluminum sheet

Benefits of perforated metal mesh

Some benefits of perforated metal sheets are as follows:

  • They have a structural strength that is not available in many other materials. Their ability to withstand pressure is due to their high strength-to-weight ratio. They can resist extreme weather conditions.
  •  Their acoustic efficiency restricts the health effects of noise, which are suitable for staff working in buildings close to busy roads, concert halls, and heavy-duty facilities.
  • Buildings needing ventilation use perforated-metal sun protection panels, resulting in excellent airflow and shade. They save considerable energy in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning because of their free airflow feature.

Types of perforated metal mesh

Carbon steel metal sheets

Mild steel or carbon steel metal sheets are made up of low carbon or galvanized sheets.

They can easily be weld or cut into desired shapes.

Carbon steel metal sheets are largely used in industrial applications, decoration, equipment guards, screens, filtering, ventilation, etc.

You can get mild steel metal sheets with a thickness of 0.3mm- 8.0mm and variable hole shapes (Round, Square, Slotted, Hexagonal, Decorative).

perforated metal doors

Stainless steel metal sheets

These are easy to cut, weld into desired shapes and are also oil-resistant and fire-resistant.

The perforated stainless steel metal is manufactured from stainless steel sheets or coils, which are perforated evenly, have a variety of hole sizes, shapes, and configurations.

They have different patterns with different molds. Applications of stainless-steel sheet metal range from architectural, commercial to industrial.

perforated 316 stainless steel sheet

Aluminum perforated metal mesh

These are simple to cut, shape, and weigh of the desired type.

The perforated aluminum metal grid is made from aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets or spools uniformly punched in a wide range of sizes, forms, and settings.

It has wide applications in industrial decoration, equipment guards, etc.

perforated building

Manufacturing of perforated metal mesh

There are three types of techniques used to make perforated metal sheets; Laser Perforation, Rotary Pinned Perforation, and Punch Press.

A rotary pinned perforated roller is used as the most common method for perforating metal.

This is a large cylindrical with sharp, pointed needles to punch a hole in the metal sheet.

The perforation roller rotates, stroking through the sheet continuously to punch holes as sheet metal passes through the roller.

Buying Considerations of perforated metal mesh

Some of the factors must be considered when you select a perforated metal sheet for your application.

These include:

  • Material: First and foremost, the material of the sheet must be selected as per the application and requirement. We provide a variety of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Dimension: The thickness of the sheet is also an important consideration. We provide a range of thicknesses in all available material sheets. Additionally, we can also customize your specifications as per the application.
  • The hole: The shape and size of the hole are essential for a perforated metal sheet. Our experts advise the punching/stamping thickness to be larger than the sheet thickness in order to attain maximum benefit. The pattern selected must also be checked for the correct pitch in order to avoid dimensional inaccuracy and errors.
  • Overall tolerances: Clearly specified tolerances on the product dimensions help us to produce the perfect product for your application.

Before buying a perforated metal sheet, consider the strength of metal, hole size, style, and pitch as they affect the efficiency, and purpose of a perforated metal sheet.

For example, perforated metal sheets for energy-saving benefits, lighting effects, or sound control vary in pattern shape, material, and size.