Steel wire mesh

Steel wire mesh,also know as wire cloth,wire fabric,wire screen, there are 3 kinds of steel wire mesh according to the processing technic,Woven wire mesh,Welded wire mesh,Crimped weave wire mesh. They are made from the wires of mild steel,stainless steel,which are uniformly welded or woven, have a variety of wire gauge and configuration. And the steel wire mesh widely used in industrial,decoration, filter,equipment guards,screens,ventilation,tec.

Woven wire mesh

steel wire mesh

Woven wire mesh, is made on looms,The variety of raw materials and weave patterns make this kind wire mesh products can be used in many applications in industrial,commercial and decoration.

Such as filters, sieves, separators, strainers, baskets, gas diffusion, drying and so on.


Welded wire mesh

steel wire mesh sheet

Welded wire mesh is wire strands resistance-welded at each intersection to form many square ,rectangular and diamond openings.

And the surface treatment can choose Standard, Electro galvanized,Hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated according to your projects requirments.


Crimped wire mesh

steel wire mesh supply

Crimped steel wire mesh,is made of carbon iron wire,galvanized wire,stainless steel wire,copper wires. All the wires are crimped prior by mold, then weave them together.

The weave type include Double crimped, Single intermediate crimped, Double intermediate crimped and Lock crimped.



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