Perforated metal sheets


    Perforated metal sheets,also know as punching metal sheet, and easy to be cut and bend toform the desired shape and have a much light weight. Because of those excellent characteristic,the perforated metal sheets can be widely used in the industrial,decoration,equipment guards,screens,ceiling,curtain wall ,ventilation,tec. Perforated metal mesh is made from the sheets or coils of steel,stainless steel or aluminum,which are uniformly or punched, have a variety of hole sizes,shapes and configuration. They have various of patterns by using the different molds. We also can make the special patterns of perforated sheets for facade,wall curtain cladding and other decoration place,where need the perforated metal have the beautiful patterns.

  • Materials:         Mild steel,Stainless steel,Aluminum,etc
  • Surface treatment:          Standard,Powder coating,Printing,Anodizing,PVDF coating
Perforated metal opening


  • Thickness : 0.3mm- 10.0mm
  • Hole shapes : Round hole,Square hole,Slotted hole,Hexagonal hole,Decorative Hole
  • Width : Less than 1600mm
  • Length :  Coil or customized sheets.

    Perforated metal sheets are available in a variety of thickness and hole shapes according to the applications and projects requirements.We keep more than 150 sets punching mold to make sure our punched sheets can match all clients` requirements.

perforated metal drawing


Perforated metal sheets have a variety of applications in architectural,commercial,industrial and decoration.Such as suspended ceiling,curtain wall cladding,interior decoration,security, ventilation, equipment guards, shelving, window protection,screens,decoration,etc.

Perforated metal Application

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