Stainless steel expanded metal


    Stainless steel expanded metal,is the best rust-preventing and corrosion resistant expanded metal mesh products,which are specially used for chemically resistant and wear resistant projects. Stainless steel expanded metal is made from the sheets or coils of stainless steel 201,304,304L,316 or 316L,which are uniformly slit and stretched, forming a diamond pattern of openings in the finished sheet. They have various of patterns by the adjustment of thickness,strand and the diamond openings size.

  • Materials:         Stainless steel 201,304,304L,316,316L
  • Surface treatment:          Standard,Coating
stainless steel expanded opening


  • Thickness : 0.3mm- 8.0mm
  • Strand : Regular or customized
  • SWD*LWD : 2*3,2*4,3*5,4*8,5*10,7*12,8*16,10*20,16*30,18*30,20*40,25*50,30*60,40*80,
    45*100,50*100,60*120mm, etc.
  • LWM : Less than 3000 mm
  • SWM : customized

    Stainless steel expanded mesh is available in a variety of surface, standard (raised)  and flattened (smooth) surface according to the applications and projects requirements.

expanded metal drawing


Stainless steel expanded metal has a widely applications in architectural,commercial,industrial and decoration with the higher acid and alkali-resistance requirements.Such as security,equipment guards, flooring, walkways,decoration,strainer,filter,etc.

stainless steel expanded image

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